Thursday, January 5, 2012

AAO Sfax: Bonding Entertainment, Sciences & Nature

First thing we noticed when we visited AAO SFAX was that the NGOs of Sfax are really working together.

In fact, the Association of the Friends of Birds is being hosted by another E-Mediat participating NGO: The Association of the Continuity of Generations (ACG Sfax).

The latter hosts two NGOs which are: Friends of Thyna, and AAO Sfax.

All of the mentioned NGOs are participating in E-Mediat Tunisia, and decided to work together after the 3rd module of the training.

One of the main challenges in the region of Sfax is entertainment, as families do not find suitable places to visit or take their kids to.

AAO have a plan for this, they finished the study of an Ecological Touristic project that may solve this problem.

This project may solve several problems and create opportunities:

· Protect engendered bird species.

· Create jobs for qualified researchers, and unqualified workers.

· Create research possibilities for the Science/Environment university students of the region of Sfax and the center of Tunisia.

· Create a space where families can gather together and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the “COTUSAL”.

The previous photos are snapshots from the AAO Scientific Eco-Tourism project.

More pictures of the project are available here:

Facebook page of the NGO:


  1. thank you E-Mediat for all your supports

  2. Thank you E-Mediat Tunisia for all your supports